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Dangerous, but Beautiful.

2014 APR 9 23:23:43 pm by hkarasawa



I respect Shoin Yoshida.

He contributed to the Meiji Restoration in Japan.


A lot of people in Japan respect him now.

But I think  when he lived in Japan, a lot of people hated him.


Because he tried to kill the system, to restore Japan and to kill a man who has governed Japan at that time.

So he was prisoned several times.


You may think he is dangerous, but I think he is beautiful.

That is because he have a big dream and clear vision for Japanese people’s happiness.

So now a lot of people admire him.


Important things may look like dangerous at first,

but it has a possibility of beauty eventually.


I think this is truth for everything for example, music, art, movie, comedy, Politics, Literature, Journalism, business, Love, Life and so on.


Everyday I want to challenge a lot of things for world and people and me even though it’s dangerous.


Thanks for your reading.




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