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The thing my grandfather’s life told me.

2014 MAY 1 0:00:23 am by hkarasawa


Yesterday, my family celebrated 88 years old my grandfather and 77 years old my grandmother wedding anniversary.


We ate Japanese traditional cuisine.

It was so delicious.


However, I don’t wanna write down the taste of the foods but I wanna write down the emotion I had yesterday.


I’ve known that my grandfather was a tubercular patient in his twenties before.

I’ve thought his life under medical treatment was not so long.

But yesterday my grandmother told me that he had lived fighting against his disease for 7 years in his youthful days.

When he was twenties, it’s impossible to cure the disease.

So maybe my grandfather faced a hopeless situation.


But eventually fortunately my grandfather’s disease was cured because a new medicine was developed.

The truth enabled him to marry his wife, my grandmother and to have a baby, my mother and have a grandchild, I.


Yesterday I imagined my grandfather’s life.

Everyday he had been on the bed for 7 years.

I think maybe sometimes he had a dream and a ray of hope to live on, at other times he couldn’t do so.


The imagination I had yesterday made me think how to approach my life.


I wanna cherish my family and my friends who need me like my grandfather.

And I wanna smile and be strong all the time no matter how hopeless the life seem to be like him.



Thanks for your reading.



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